1. Announce your trip

Just say from where you are going, where to, when you arrive and what commission you want to receive for your service. At the end of your ad, you receive a travel number that allows you to track it.

2. The buyers select you in their wishes 

When a buyer selects you to make his purchase, we send you an email for you to see this request. You can check the different requests at any time with your ad number and give your answer to the buyer.

If you agree to help him/her, you receive the buyer's contact details by email to contact him/her directly. You can then review and validate the following points:

  • product to buy
  • price of the product (that the buyer reimburses you the day of delivery) + commission paid by the buyer for your service
  • day and place of delivery (maximum 7 days after your return)

3. Buy 

All you have to do is buy the requested product!

4. Meet the buyer

Meet the buyer on the day of delivery and receive your payment by hand. To be refunded in case of cancellation from the buyer, find our cancellation policy here.

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