1. Express your wish

Simply specify the category of your product, from which country, your first name, your last name and your email. Click on "send my wish" and you are redirected to Messenger to finalize it. Then choose the trip that suits you! To be sure that we help you, provide as much detail as possible. At the end of your "wish" you receive an order number that allows you to track it.

If you have not found the trip that suits you, do not worry, we send you an email as soon as an travel announcement corresponds to your wish.

2. Get in touch with the traveler

When a traveler agrees to help you, you receive his/her contacts by email and Messenger to contact him/her directly. You can then validate the following points together:

  • product to buy
  • price of the product (that you refund to the traveler) + commission that you pay him/her for the service
  • day and place of delivery (7 days maximum after the traveler's return)

3. Receive your product and pay the traveler

The day of delivery, 7 days maximum after the return of the traveler, receive your product and pay the traveler.

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