What is the cancellation policy?

When can I receive compensation or a refund? It all depends on who decided to cancel the purchase and when the cancellation took place.

Que se passe-t-il si un acheteur annule entre l’achat et la livraison ?

We fully refund the traveler except for the commission. To do this, the traveler must go to the page Complaint then send us a copy of the receipt and a picture of the product purchased.

What to do if you want to return a product? 

 To return a product, the buyer has 15 days after the return of the traveler. To do so, it is necessary that the buyer goes to the page Complaint, and sends us a copy of the receipt and a photo of the product. He will have to choose one of the reasons and give us a detailed explanation of why he wants to be reimbursed.

We study the claim within 10 business days. After this time, the buyer receives an answer by email and the procedure to follow in case the refund is accepted.

Nevertheless, users should regularly check their emails, we may need more information from them.

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