bmybuyer [ bi • maɪ • ˈbaɪər ], what is it ?

It is the best way to get products from abroad without having to wait for your friends to go and bring it to you.

Concierge service 3.0

Fais un "voeu" dès à présent, et on te connecte avec les voyageurs qui te ramènent les produits que tu veux

An outstanding platform

We offer you a simple, quick process and a high quality service that you will find nowhere else

An international community

You can count on our international travelers travelling to many countries such as the United States, Japan, Portugal, Thailand and many more

Bmybuyer, la communauté internationale de voyageurs et acheteurs

We present you our team

et les raisons pour lesquelles on aura aimé que bmybuyer existe à l'époque
Ingrid Alula

Ingrid Alula

Chief Executive Officer
Salomé Kinkela

Salomé Kinkela

Chief Marketing Officer

Comments from b•m•bers

Members of the bmybuyer community
Rachel N.

Rachel N.

Student, France

"C'est simple et pratique! Grâce à bmybuyer, j'ai pu acheter des boucles d'oreilles de Nairobi, que j'aurais jamais pu acheter autrement. On s'est retrouvé avec la voyageuse quelques jours après son retour, je lui ai donné ce que je lui devais. Merci !"

Pauliina P.

Pauliina P.

Student, Finland

"Whenever I travel to Paris I always bring home with me some French candies. So it was wonderful to receive my favourite candies directly at home when I wanted them the most!"

Noora O.

Noora O.

Student, Finland

"I needed some cosmetics from France but didn't know where to get them. Until bmybuyer answered to my need"


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What is the cancellation policy? When can I receive compensation or a refund? It all depends on who decided to cancel the purchase and when the cancellation happened. - What is going on Read more

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